HATS are a London based band formed in 2oo4.

Our debut album was released in Autumn 2009 and the follow up, entitled Nervous System, came out in 2015. We play a combination of post-rock mixed with electronica. You can learn more from excerpts from an interview we did with the BBC around the launch of our 2nd album:

Names of band members and instruments played?

Jason Emberton: keyboards, drums, programming, production; Louis Warner: vocals, guitars, production; Crawford Blair: bass guitar and effects; Ben McLees: lead guitar and effects. We also pulled in some friends to help us on the record; George Vjestica played some guitar on it, he's currently one of Nick Cave's Bad Seeds. And Henry Lowther played trumpet and flugelhorn on some of the album tracks. Henry's playing can be heard on the Talk Talk records like Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock - we were thrilled to have someone of his calibre contribute to the record.

Style of music and influences?

Always the most difficult to answer, but I guess a reviewer summed it up pretty well when they said: "... imagine if John Carpenter were to jam with Sigur Ros, Elbow and The Future Sound of London, it might sound something like this". I guess we blend elements of alternative rock and electronica; some of the tunes have elements of a trip-hop feel, others are cinematic and some are straightforward rock/synth pounders. We've been listening to loads of Mogwai, Fennesz, Fuck Buttons, Grouper, Cold Cave, Gil Scott-Heron and some stoner/doom metal for good measure, so hopefully some of that will come through.

Best moment so far?

Completing the 1st record and releasing it ourselves was satisfying - not lucrative, but very rewarding after a lot of hard work. But probably the highlight of putting the record out ourselves was some press coverage we got in The Netherlands. We had a magazine editor rate the record as one of his top 10 releases of 2009, and we found that out by chance; sales started coming in from The Netherlands and after some research we found his article. He'd also rated Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear in his top 10 and to have our record listed in that company was a nice touch, especially since we had no nepotistic ties to him or the magazine - it was wholly based on what he heard and thought.

What's the inspiration behind Last Year's Man, the song we featured in your London Calling spot?

It comes from a place where you feel that your time is up, you're no longer relevant. Louis was noodling on an acoustic and by some weird chance the lyrics to Leonard Cohen's Last Year's Man came out; the song basically started there but with Jason's co-writing and production, it morphed into a theme about burnout or something like that I guess.

What song would you most like to cover?

Tough question - there are loads to cover. But I guess it would have to be something by one of the greats like AC/DC, Nina Simone, Miles or Cohen, but we'd probably take on Nick Cave's The Mercy Seat - and probably wouldn't do it justice.